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New Year - Old Year

Goodbye to the old Welcome to the New Another year has passed Happy New Year to you!
So much has happened As always, good and bad Let’s remember the good Forget the bad, it’s so sad
Some lost their house and job Some died, some were born Others barely hanged on In this world we are torn
Gone is hope for tomorrow Prosperity and a better job Economists are baffled Politicians corrupt All of their promises gone
In the midst of all of this Hate seems to be the new trend
So many lives taken Wars that never end
Heroes are few and far in between The many that risk their lives We will never meet or have seen
They are our sons and daughters Our brothers and sisters Our mothers and fathers That lost their lives For peace and justice
As we welcome a New Year Let us ponder Happiness and Peace yonder!

Wall Of Love

Create your wall of love Through your loved ones Instill the power of love Day upon day in them
It is an invisible wall It is an invincible wall It is the wall that carries you Through all your life’s blues
Day after day That wall will grow Into a fortress inside you That will make you glow
It will make you invincible To fight all kinds of malaise It will make you grow and love You will be the one to appreciate
When you feel lonely and sad When you have a broken heart When things get so hard That you just want to give up
Think of your wall of love Then time will be in suspense For each block in the wall Is made of love and tenderness
Each and everyone that has loved you Is that block in the wall of love And through that block of love You will find your strength
For all your loved ones Whether alive or dead Make up that wall of love Each one your inner strength
Do not cry for the dead They are in your wall of love Every day giving you strength By smiling at you from within

Star Of Light

Star of light
Star of hope Star of peace Star of love
Make this day peace on earth Love each other as we should May the children laugh and play Their worries gone away
Star of light Star of hope
Make this world a better place One of acceptance and safe Not one of fear and hate Allow us a clean slate
Star of light Star of love
Make light of dishonor Guide love and comfort Into the hearts of men So they may hope again
Let us rejoice once again Our call for hope Echo throughout the land Peace on earth for all men

Love Is Empty

I feel so lonely
I feel so cheated I feel empty inside Love is the reason
Don’t get me wrong I love so much you see I love with all my heart But love cheated on me
As it turns out He was the love of my life I thought nothing would tear us apart Until one day my world collapsed
There is a great emptiness inside me I lost to love who cheated on me I remember that day well But I thought it was only in my head
My feelings were right on the mark The man I loved didn’t deserve my trust The day I confronted him and Asked where he was that weekend
Then he told me the devastating news He was in love with someone new I broke down in tears My heart broke into a million pieces
You see, I loved with all my heart But for me love didn’t last It was borrowed only for a short while Then cheated on me and broke the trust
I still feel empty inside Why should I even try? Love isn’t faithful and it is a shame If you ever love, make sure it’s tamed

My Mother

My mother is like no other First she gave me life
Then protected me from strife
In time of agony and all through life

From the first step I took
To being all grown up
I feel her care in my heart
She may not have wings
But I feel her protection through things

She is my guiding angel Always looking out for danger
And when the path is all clear
She smiles, and guides me near

Her smile is my sunshine Her hug fills me up with love
Her advice is always wise
Her loving words
My strength in this world

There is no other like my mother Always giving and compassionate
Her smile so passionate
Her gaze filled with laughter

I cannot praise her enough
I cannot hug her enough
I cannot love her enough
My time with her is not enough

My mother, my guiding angel I will never leave her side
Her love keeps me alive
May she live, a long life

In loving memory of Gordon and Norma Yeager

Their love was always alive When young and old
All throughout their lives
Until the day they died

It is no mystery so it seems Two people in love, such a dream
To love and to hold to the day of old
Their lives a true love story

So many years together Seventy two years of marriage
Seems like a lifetime
Only to die side by side

It brings tears to my eyes To know that love never dies
Between a man and a woman
Their name, Gordon and Norma

May their love Always be remembered
By all of us, any gender
Their memory still tender

RIP Gordon and Norma Yeager Couple dies an hour apart holding hands after seventy two years of marriage

Love Me Or Set Me Free

Love me
Love me or
Set me free

Free of worries
And tarnishing stories
Of wrongful demands
Followed by reprimands

I do not deserve this treatment
After all, I am only a human being
Do I not deserve your trust?
Couldn’t you hold me steadfast?

I broke down
And I wanted to shout
Love me or
Set me free
Free of worries and silent agony

Remember your angel
As if waiting for her wings
Waiting ever so patiently
While you were busy doing things

Oh! During that time so much happened
The world kept spinning faster and faster
I couldn’t hold my place
Though I tried going at a faster pace

Still your angel waited ever so patiently
Day and night for more information
Then little by little the light went out
I lost courage and started to doubt

I broke down
And I wanted to shout
Love me or
Set me free
Free of worries and silent agony

Love me
Love me or
Set me free

Is There More

I am always running from something
Always running from lust
It will rip my heart open
For love doesn’t last

I used to believe in love
But that is a thing of the past
When my heart was broken
I swore I would never trust

Then you came into my life
I feel I am in love
I don’t know why
But I just want to run

Will our love be strong enough?
Will it hold true
Are we a match?
Are you and I in love too?

Or is it just lust
In which case it won’t last
Please hold me tight
Hold me from running fast

Make me believe
That love is real
If I give it a try
Will you stand by?

Deep In My Heart

Are there any faults with you
Before my heart stops too
It seems we connect
You put a spring in my step

You are my sunshine
When I think of you I smile
It doesn't matter how far we are
You are always in my heart

So I'll be riding the wave
Until our love is tamed
And when I think of you
You think of me too

This is not a goobye
Just me saying Hi!
So take care my love
I'll dream of you, while you're gone

Don't Fade Away

Don’t fade away
Oh! Please stay…
Only for today
Don’t fade away

You are like a dream come true
I believe so much in you
You have touched my heart
In such a way that we will never part

You are everything to me
You are smart, humble and kind
I feel you deep inside
There will be a time when we shine

Don’t fade away
Oh! Please stay…
Only for today
Don’t fade away

Give it a try
Stay a while
I love your smile
If only you could be mine

I want what is best for you
Only if you knew
I would do anything, it’s true
You are my only love, I love you

So please stay
If only for today…

Oh! Please stay…
Only for today
Don’t fade away
Don’t fade awaaayy

Angel in a trance

An angel fell from heaven
Found himself in firma terra
Looking at a beautiful sight
It was curvy and beautiful, what a delight

He fell into a trance
For he found romance
This was his chance
To start a new life

He felt so much emotion
As if he drank a love potion
Behold said he, don’t be afraid
May I have your hand, my lady?

Just then she smiled
He felt so alive
Softly he kissed her lips
I love you, my love, she whispered!

Shuttle Atlantis

From inland to the beaches
Stood watching millions of people
That came from every corner of the world
To be part of a historic moment

Atlantis, you will be missed
You were part of an era
That so many people dissed
And yet, space exploration
Opened up our imaginations
To go above and beyond
For the sky was not the limit

You taught us so many things
That at one time was only a dream
With a thunderous soar
You opened up the sky for so much more

From medical research
To studying the earth
You enthused us to want much more
The people that flew in you
Put a smile on the faces of the old and the new
A wake up call and always on the ready
To wow us with what could be done
From a space walk to the awesome pictures of the earth
They made us marvel at the stupendous research

And every child’s dream was to fly in you
And once again make history new

The men and the women that lost their lives
To make it possible for more flights
Will always be remembered as our heroes
For they made it possible to…

One more chance

As long as you live
My friend
You have one more chance

Today is the day
For making lasting memories
That will live in the hearts
Of your friends and family

As long there is hope
There is always one more chance
To make up what you missed
Give one more kiss
As if it was the last one

As long as you live
My friend
You have one more chance

For tomorrow is today
Make it last, make it stay
Make more of a chance
Love more, love and romance

Put a smile in a child
Bring hope to the old
Feed the poor, warm the cold
Make peace, not war
War makes us so poor
Mend a broken heart
Do not let time pass
Love more for a change

As long as you live
My friend
Tomorrow you have
One more chance

The sexy song

I am too sexy for my body
When you touch me
The sensation is electrifying

Oh…oh you leave me
Wanting even more
So come on do not stop

Come on
Come on

When I feel you inside of me
I completely forget who I used to be
You want me
And I want you
You and I loving each other tonight

Oh…oh you leave me
Wanting even more
So come on do not stop

Come on
Come on

For her name was Grace

For her name was Grace
And her passion was life
For which she deeply believed
There was no afterlife

If life is a virtue
And love a sacrifice
Her life was commendable
In which she felt chastised

For love is not love
But merely a thought
A flame put out
By the rancor of lust

For that eternal flame
Was all that she hoped for
Somewhere it existed
And she knew it in her heart

From eternity to eternity
That will, that driving force
Was her heart’s desire
Not just a thought

The warm tears that she felt
Were merely an embrace
Of a life full of promises
She once contemplated

In her heart she felt a thump
Of promised love far too long gone
That forever she would remember
But time forgot

For her name was Grace
Her heart’s desire?
Was to always embrace
Life as a challenge

Turn Me On

Turn me on, turn me on,
And get that rhythm right on.

If you love, if you love me,
I’ll fill you up with
So much happiness and passion
That it will raise you to thee.

And when I’m in your arms,
We’ll tell each other sweet things.
That you and I feel love
Flow through our beings.

I’ll scream out your name,
You look in my eyes.
Then you arise to that sweet melody,
With a look of surprise!

Turn me on, turn me on,
And get that rhythm right on.

Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth
Means so much for you and me
Feeling it in our hearts with joy
And being hate free

Peace on Earth
Means loving each other always
In good times and bad times
Being a helping hand with a smile

Peace on Earth
Means giving and loving
Not expecting anything back
And yet feeling cherished

Peace on Earth
Means every day makes you smile
For you are happy being you
Just being able to love

Peace on Earth
Means so much to a child
He feels love and comfort
And warmth in his heart

Peace on Earth
Means we feel love within
Not pain and sorrow
But peace in our being

In the heat of the night

In the heat of the night
that’s when I feel the need
To which my soul calls
to the rhythm of the beat…
So I rise to my feet and
hit the dance floor,
in your arms
I find myself and
my heart is beating hard.

You swing me high and
you swing me low
And to the sound of
the music our bodies flow.
In the heat of the night
the sound of the music
is so sweet,
I feel your warm breath
while we move to the beat.

New Music

I got your new CD
Your music is new to me
As I listen, I begin to feel
I missed all the wonder of yesteryear

The pain of yesteryear is gone
You lead us to believe in love
As you bring forth new music
Your songs seem virtuosic

Pain that subsides
Makes a man wise
Pain that is heartfelt
Even a strong man wept

Somehow though, you reached high
Like reaching for a star in the sky
Seeking answers through your songs
As if to mend life gone wrong


From the East to the West
From the North to the South Pole
Many people, many languages, many cultures
In this big small world

There are countries boundaries
Big and small governments
But through it all
It’s the people that suffer

Many suffer through oppression
Others lack food and water
Although suffering is real
So many die that shouldn’t

And human suffering goes on
Sometimes necessary, sometimes not
If suffering can be avoided
Why is human life the cost?

Fuzzy logic

What is fuzzy logic?
It is the reverse of logic in a fuzzy way
For all logic is fuzzy and is here to stay
I hope it doesn’t lead to doomsday

If humans use logic unlike the natural way
Natural beings become robotic things
Calculating everything in every possible way
Humans no longer have feelings leading to doomsday

Lately I’ve been so confused in every sensible way
Meandering through illogically I admit to say
Logic makes no sense to me these days
For fuzzy logic is illogical is doomsday

Logic is so illogical at times these days
Bad things happen wherever your stay
My inner feeling is trying to say
Go the natural way not the doomsday

Stop the pain

Please stop the pain
No matter what has happened
Even when you are saddest
For there is no gain in pain
Just more destruction

Please stop the pain
Don’t let it get away like a runaway train
For pain is men’s destruction
Don’t let it run you down and low
And control your every action

Please stop the pain
Even if hate flows through every vein
It’s time to stop that hateful action
It’s you and it’s me that make it happen
Why lament the vengeful reaction

Please stop the pain
Maybe then you will see the gain
Even when you are saddest maybe then
You will be living a full life
Not a life of pure sadness

A father's tribute

Just remember all the memories
And the times we shared
For it is my wish
Once I am dead

Just remember who you are
And my love I had for you
It will strengthen your heart
So that your dreams will come true

Just remember me your as your father
And remember your mother too
Remember me as your cousin
Any sibling who’s no longer with you

Just remember your’ beloved
Always honor their memories
Their lives may have been shortened
But they live through you and me

Just remember how we laughed
I want you to laugh too
Don’t carry a heavy heart
Be happy in all you do

Change of colors

Why the change of colors
Do you feel green and blue?
Like you don’t matter at all
Someone was mean to you

Why the change of colors
Do you feel black and gray?
Your heart was broken
You have nothing to say

Why the change of colors
Is everything black and white?
Is there a shade of gray?
Why can’t people be polite

Why the change of colors
Isn’t a rainbow more fun?
Than a thunderous sky
With no sight of sun

A woman

Because I am a woman, do not judge me
I too, can be all that I want to be
An engineer, an astronaut, a fighter pilot
A friend, a wife, a mother, and a lover

Because I am a woman do not control me
If you take me for granted, I shall flee
No more status quo, my new life I shall let be
Embracing my new happiness that will come to me

Because I am a woman, you won’t make me cry
For mistakes you make while I stand by
Or make me feel guilty for loving you
Your promises no longer hold true

Because I am woman, I too, shall be honored
Maybe not today, but there is always tomorrow
With a seal of a kiss and a stamp of approval
I say goodbye to Mr. Smooth

Human Desire

From the young to the elder
Deep within us lies a human desire
To love and to be loved without tire
An ever burning flame of fire

For the human race
Constantly contemplates
Peace and love over agony
End to war, now to eternity

And as hate flares through the land
Murdering the innocent and the young
A bloody trail stains the human race
A bloody propaganda without cause or trace

And hate leads to hate
More people rise to overthrow their traitors
That kill their’ beloved innocent children
These killers that make the human race faceless