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What am I

What am I? A kiss on your lips A star in the sky
What am I? Your friend, your lover The mother of your child
What am I? I am your romantic bliss A speck in the sky
What am I? I am the light that shines like the sun In your miserable life
What am I? The answers on demand Loving you time after time
What am I? A kiss on your lips A star in the sky
This poem was written upon listening to Sonic Koco's song As Still  As the Night.

Dear Me

When I woke this morning
The sun smiled at me
What I did not know
My life would be cut short through a hateful deed
Reporting as a soldier should
I went out and about
Keeping honor and serving my country
Living life and being a good scout
In the streets of   London
Life seemed to be good
Until I encountered my attackers
And all hell broke loose
Hate flowed from my attackers
As blood flowed out of my body
Through all the pain and agony
My body succumbed to death

Now that I am gone
My life was once full of promise
Once a soldier, a human being, a man
I depart from loved ones with sadness and homage

Dear  Me