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From the East to the West
From the North to the South Pole
Many people, many languages, many cultures
In this big small world

There are countries boundaries
Big and small governments
But through it all
It’s the people that suffer

Many suffer through oppression
Others lack food and water
Although suffering is real
So many die that shouldn’t

And human suffering goes on
Sometimes necessary, sometimes not
If suffering can be avoided
Why is human life the cost?

Fuzzy logic

What is fuzzy logic?
It is the reverse of logic in a fuzzy way
For all logic is fuzzy and is here to stay
I hope it doesn’t lead to doomsday

If humans use logic unlike the natural way
Natural beings become robotic things
Calculating everything in every possible way
Humans no longer have feelings leading to doomsday

Lately I’ve been so confused in every sensible way
Meandering through illogically I admit to say
Logic makes no sense to me these days
For fuzzy logic is illogical is doomsday

Logic is so illogical at times these days
Bad things happen wherever your stay
My inner feeling is trying to say
Go the natural way not the doomsday

Stop the pain

Please stop the pain
No matter what has happened
Even when you are saddest
For there is no gain in pain
Just more destruction

Please stop the pain
Don’t let it get away like a runaway train
For pain is men’s destruction
Don’t let it run you down and low
And control your every action

Please stop the pain
Even if hate flows through every vein
It’s time to stop that hateful action
It’s you and it’s me that make it happen
Why lament the vengeful reaction

Please stop the pain
Maybe then you will see the gain
Even when you are saddest maybe then
You will be living a full life
Not a life of pure sadness

A father's tribute

Just remember all the memories
And the times we shared
For it is my wish
Once I am dead

Just remember who you are
And my love I had for you
It will strengthen your heart
So that your dreams will come true

Just remember me your as your father
And remember your mother too
Remember me as your cousin
Any sibling who’s no longer with you

Just remember your’ beloved
Always honor their memories
Their lives may have been shortened
But they live through you and me

Just remember how we laughed
I want you to laugh too
Don’t carry a heavy heart
Be happy in all you do

Change of colors

Why the change of colors
Do you feel green and blue?
Like you don’t matter at all
Someone was mean to you

Why the change of colors
Do you feel black and gray?
Your heart was broken
You have nothing to say

Why the change of colors
Is everything black and white?
Is there a shade of gray?
Why can’t people be polite

Why the change of colors
Isn’t a rainbow more fun?
Than a thunderous sky
With no sight of sun

A woman

Because I am a woman, do not judge me
I too, can be all that I want to be
An engineer, an astronaut, a fighter pilot
A friend, a wife, a mother, and a lover

Because I am a woman do not control me
If you take me for granted, I shall flee
No more status quo, my new life I shall let be
Embracing my new happiness that will come to me

Because I am a woman, you won’t make me cry
For mistakes you make while I stand by
Or make me feel guilty for loving you
Your promises no longer hold true

Because I am woman, I too, shall be honored
Maybe not today, but there is always tomorrow
With a seal of a kiss and a stamp of approval
I say goodbye to Mr. Smooth

Human Desire

From the young to the elder
Deep within us lies a human desire
To love and to be loved without tire
An ever burning flame of fire

For the human race
Constantly contemplates
Peace and love over agony
End to war, now to eternity

And as hate flares through the land
Murdering the innocent and the young
A bloody trail stains the human race
A bloody propaganda without cause or trace

And hate leads to hate
More people rise to overthrow their traitors
That kill their’ beloved innocent children
These killers that make the human race faceless