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Year 2014

Year 2014 Come fast do you hear, This time around, I ask not for peace on earth And goodwill to all men; I ask for all of us to believe in human kind And equal rights for everyone. Only then, can we achieve peace across the land.
If only we could achieve recognition for all human kind, Not the belief of religion or our status in society. From birth to death, human beings would be inept Of no obligation to war or religion, but rather demand respect! Across the globe, let it be a child, a man, or woman. Race would not have a place for hate; Let it be religious beliefs, land marks or the skin color.



Love is the epitome of life! The romance, the love making; The affection and aching, It’s unmistakably love. Love that flourishes is oh so good! Like the rainbow across the sky, In its splendor, it’s colorful and bright. I can’t wait, to be in your arms one more time! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Father Christmas

Father Christmas and holiday cheer! With his mighty Ho! Ho! Ho! And silvery white beard. Come the New Year, He will but disappear!
While spreading holiday joy is his charm, His decorated sleigh is nothing of the past. Gather one, gather all, gifting starts at the North Pole! It’s a wrap, Elves gather all over the world;
The toys, the candy, the clothes and the gold!

A man on earth!

Rising with fear upon hearing, Our savior is a man on earth. Every woman shall hurt and hurt. Oh! How they shall hurt!
He walks among lovers, Every woman shall want him. To father her children, To be her lover!
He is a man among men, His charm surpasses all of them. Women cry out his name, When asleep, when awake.
The pain that a woman must endure, For her savior to be a man on earth! The pain is so great, her pure heart will break. But who will save her?
No one! He will betray her! Again and again He is a lover A man among men!
If there is a heaven, it will cease to exist! He is a lover among lovers. A man among men, Charming women across the land!
He walks among lovers. He is a man among men. He is not almighty. He will betray women. Even their love for him!

Rising Over Troubled Water

I shall rise over this troubled water and when I do, The torrent of death shall set me free! To fly like a bird over the mountain to see; The birth of spring throughout the valley, Where flowers dance with the soft breeze, The lullaby of a bird tending to its young, and The buzz of the honey bee, shall sweeten my senses. And once again, I will survive the hell That I was in, knee deep.
Rising over troubled water - vocal

The Answer Lies Within

For people that seek answers Of the mysteries of the universe Shall always dream and wonder
Time and time again Looking to the outside is only a lie For the answer is within, deep inside
Now and again we cave in for desire To feel good and to be adored To be respected and loved
Now and again, we fall in love Sometimes it lasts, what a blast! Other times we get hurt, such sadness
 It is the mystery from within That we must conquer in life Only then we’ll be happy, so go ahead and try!

Hell On Earth

We’ve all seen it Though sometimes it’s a mystery Why bad things happen throughout history But alas it’s not time to judge But rather reflect upon the past
As though it would seem like a punch in the face Through terrorist attacks those miserable bastards Through wars that are unexplainable We fight the bad guys to peace attain Yet wars erupt again and again
Ah! You thought you could fight the bad guys The truth is, there are no bad guys or good guys We all are bad guys, pretending to be the good guys Name your cause, from religion beliefs To the elimination of chemical weapons, O’ blasphemy!
We’ve all stared evil in the face Whether we are calm or break into a rage We can choose to run past the madness Or stare evil in the face with calmness But that would bring the world into sadness
The cause of all this irony Is human beings have abused their destiny The call for peace has echoed throughout history Abuse of power is all too common in times of peace The very evil that we’ve all come to see and feel

You get me loose!

I am wet I am wet Wet yeah!
You know when to go down Just the right time, down, down
I am wet I am wet Wet yeah!
I want you so bad, But you make me wait it out You love to make me wait Like you are the perfect bait!
You love when I come on to you When I dance the meringue and get loose!
I fall into your arms and choose you, My perfect partner in crime, Love me, time after time.
I love you, you, you You are the one I choose Cause you get me loose
Loose Loose Loose!

I am wet I am wet Wet yeah!
Wet yeah!

What am I

What am I? A kiss on your lips A star in the sky
What am I? Your friend, your lover The mother of your child
What am I? I am your romantic bliss A speck in the sky
What am I? I am the light that shines like the sun In your miserable life
What am I? The answers on demand Loving you time after time
What am I? A kiss on your lips A star in the sky
This poem was written upon listening to Sonic Koco's song As Still  As the Night.

Dear Me

When I woke this morning
The sun smiled at me
What I did not know
My life would be cut short through a hateful deed
Reporting as a soldier should
I went out and about
Keeping honor and serving my country
Living life and being a good scout
In the streets of   London
Life seemed to be good
Until I encountered my attackers
And all hell broke loose
Hate flowed from my attackers
As blood flowed out of my body
Through all the pain and agony
My body succumbed to death

Now that I am gone
My life was once full of promise
Once a soldier, a human being, a man
I depart from loved ones with sadness and homage

Dear  Me


Why does hate exist in a world full of bliss?
Why does hate run havoc in a world that lasts?
Why does hate take seed in a normal human being?
Why is hate so powerful that living is not allowed?
Why is hate programmed in a very fine gentleman?
Why does hate create hostility and thrives to humiliate?
Why? Why? Why?

It is hate that causes wars, famine and people to be poor. It is hate that makes human kind deteriorate and can’t take it anymore.
It is hate that kills bystanders, the children and the poor.
It is hate that fuels loss of limb, loss of hope, and life to be no more.
It is hate that spreads disease, famine, and makes more wars.
It is hate that instills the passion for terror and loss of life around the world.
It is hate after all, that has no regards for humanity or the spread of war.
It is hate that we should humiliate and eliminate, at all costs therefore.

All alone and free to be

I called upon God to watch over me

But he wasn't there, and just let me be

I cried tears of sorrow

Waiting for a better tomorrow

All to no avail

People are rude

Life is cruel

I am alone in my hell

Life is good you see
Why then does hell happen to me?

In a world where I am all alone
No one to lead me away from the dark
No God on his throne

I set myself free
From worries, from curses
From religion and churches
Now it’s all clear to me
There is nothing better
Than to be free to be

The promised land

Upon a shining star
Where land meets the sea
A wish was granted
To you and to me.

So many came and went
From a far far away land
Looking for a renewed promise
So many women and men.

So many ships, ahoy men
Looking long and hard in search for land
At last, a guiding star at hand
Could only save a few of them.

The wish was granted for them to see
A promised land, a land of the free!

This world of mine

This world of mine I want to make it shine.

This world of mine I want to make it shine.

Make it shine!
Make it shine! Make it shine!

Let there be hope
Let there be peace
Let there be laughter
Let there be happiness
In this world of mine.

While the poor and the hungry Live in a war ravaged land,
Shedding tears of sorrow
Feeling empty today and tomorrow.

Waking up day after day
To neglect and disdain,
I feel nothing, but their pain!

Why wait for tomorrow?
Oh! Why wait at all?

No more war ravaged land
No more blood shed through the land
No more hateful men
To spread hate through this beautiful land!

No more! No more!
No more!

This world of mine I want to make it shine.

This world of mine I want to make it shine.

Make it shine! Make it shine!
Make it shine!

Eternal Love

As I sit here thinking of you

Of the times we spent together

The fond memories of us
Seems as if we were in heaven

I still long for you, it’s true
The mad love we shared
The passion, the good times
I wish we were together

Once we became one

As love flowed through a woman and a man
I imagine being in your arms feeling our love
Flow through us again and again
I will never forget you

Your love stayed with me through
Yet every day, I long for the day
Our love will renew