Hell On Earth

We’ve all seen it
Though sometimes it’s a mystery
Why bad things happen throughout history
But alas it’s not time to judge
But rather reflect upon the past

As though it would seem like a punch in the face
Through terrorist attacks those miserable bastards
Through wars that are unexplainable
We fight the bad guys to peace attain
Yet wars erupt again and again

Ah! You thought you could fight the bad guys
The truth is, there are no bad guys or good guys
We all are bad guys, pretending to be the good guys
Name your cause, from religion beliefs
To the elimination of chemical weapons, O’ blasphemy!

We’ve all stared evil in the face
Whether we are calm or break into a rage
We can choose to run past the madness
Or stare evil in the face with calmness
But that would bring the world into sadness

The cause of all this irony
Is human beings have abused their destiny
The call for peace has echoed throughout history
Abuse of power is all too common in times of peace
The very evil that we’ve all come to see and feel


  1. I enjoyed your piece, I choose to run through the madness.
    Fix it! before it becomes unfixable, way to go princess.

    1. Hello Terence!
      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment on this poem. I love getting feedback from my readers. I appreciate your lovely comment, thank you.

  2. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This is about what's happening right now with Syria and that we as a country, never learn from our past mistakes. Why is it that we always have to go to war to fix the problems of the world?
      Only to regret it later!
      We are too much into fixing everything through war. Is that how we achieve peace,through war, really?

  3. La secta de los 32 más ricos del mundo son los causantes del destino que discuten en su mesa pretender quitar y poner piones para sus propósitos

    1. Si, pero hay mucha gente mala tambien por todo el mundo. La verdad es que la gente no le importa matar porque vivan con mucha odio adentro.


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