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Why does hate exist in a world full of bliss?
Why does hate run havoc in a world that lasts?
Why does hate take seed in a normal human being?
Why is hate so powerful that living is not allowed?
Why is hate programmed in a very fine gentleman?
Why does hate create hostility and thrives to humiliate?
Why? Why? Why?

It is hate that causes wars, famine and people to be poor. It is hate that makes human kind deteriorate and can’t take it anymore.
It is hate that kills bystanders, the children and the poor.
It is hate that fuels loss of limb, loss of hope, and life to be no more.
It is hate that spreads disease, famine, and makes more wars.
It is hate that instills the passion for terror and loss of life around the world.
It is hate after all, that has no regards for humanity or the spread of war.
It is hate that we should humiliate and eliminate, at all costs therefore.