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Deep In My Heart

Are there any faults with you
Before my heart stops too
It seems we connect
You put a spring in my step

You are my sunshine
When I think of you I smile
It doesn't matter how far we are
You are always in my heart

So I'll be riding the wave
Until our love is tamed
And when I think of you
You think of me too

This is not a goobye
Just me saying Hi!
So take care my love
I'll dream of you, while you're gone

Don't Fade Away

Don’t fade away
Oh! Please stay…
Only for today
Don’t fade away

You are like a dream come true
I believe so much in you
You have touched my heart
In such a way that we will never part

You are everything to me
You are smart, humble and kind
I feel you deep inside
There will be a time when we shine

Don’t fade away
Oh! Please stay…
Only for today
Don’t fade away

Give it a try
Stay a while
I love your smile
If only you could be mine

I want what is best for you
Only if you knew
I would do anything, it’s true
You are my only love, I love you

So please stay
If only for today…

Oh! Please stay…
Only for today
Don’t fade away
Don’t fade awaaayy

Angel in a trance

An angel fell from heaven
Found himself in firma terra
Looking at a beautiful sight
It was curvy and beautiful, what a delight

He fell into a trance
For he found romance
This was his chance
To start a new life

He felt so much emotion
As if he drank a love potion
Behold said he, don’t be afraid
May I have your hand, my lady?

Just then she smiled
He felt so alive
Softly he kissed her lips
I love you, my love, she whispered!

Shuttle Atlantis

From inland to the beaches
Stood watching millions of people
That came from every corner of the world
To be part of a historic moment

Atlantis, you will be missed
You were part of an era
That so many people dissed
And yet, space exploration
Opened up our imaginations
To go above and beyond
For the sky was not the limit

You taught us so many things
That at one time was only a dream
With a thunderous soar
You opened up the sky for so much more

From medical research
To studying the earth
You enthused us to want much more
The people that flew in you
Put a smile on the faces of the old and the new
A wake up call and always on the ready
To wow us with what could be done
From a space walk to the awesome pictures of the earth
They made us marvel at the stupendous research

And every child’s dream was to fly in you
And once again make history new

The men and the women that lost their lives
To make it possible for more flights
Will always be remembered as our heroes
For they made it possible to…