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American Male

American male
Get out of your jail!

You are so constrictive, Makes you so unpredicted.

As you look for answers In all the wrong places,
As if wanting to trade places.

Every day, you ask yourself Why am I so torn inside?
This is not my kind of life!

It is no wonder, Why you ponder.
Why blame everything on the other gender?

Have a heart, Do not run away from your past.

Looking only ahead,
You will only feel more despair.

No matter how much you run, No matter how much you despair.
There is no answer,
No one is there.

It is a real mystery of love and hate, All of us want to proclaim.
The problem is not me!
But we all fail the test miserably.

The answer lies in you, by trading places, Not looking for answers in new faces.
Looking only through a thin looking glass,
Refusing to let go of your troubled past.


As you sit at your desk,
In a suit, freshly pressed
Dreaming of work
That could easily get you hooked

In a man-o-sphere where men lie, Instead of doing work, of nine to five
Man up, grow some beard
Or you will be sent to stratosphere

You got your eye on the candy lady The way she acts, is a bit shady

Man up Man up

This one is not fat Slim and steadfast

Get up Get up

Take action Forget your past

Man up Man up
Get up
Get up

Are you man now? Can you come now?
Will you show her around town?

Get up
Get up

Reverse gear and run fast!