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Beauty is upon me In the glow of my skin The flow of my hair The child within
Beauty is all of me The words I speak Love I hold for you, My heart skips a beat
Beauty is precious In fact, it is a treasure When you find it, Keep it, learn to appreciate it
Beauty is all around In the eyes of a child In the sun that shines Even in a smile
Beauty is to appreciate The good and the bad At the end of the day All things are so rad
Beauty is in you, and in me If only we knew Open up the horizon To begin anew
Beauty is, what was Yesterday, today, and tomorrow All the tender memories Make us feel loved, not befallen

Life After Death

In the midst of this agony Such deep pain and grief
I weep so hard for you
Even small steps
Are too much to handle for me

Living is hell for me
Dead would end my agony
My heart aches a thousand times
If only I could look again into your eyes

Out of sorrow I weep For the martyrdom of suffering
I can’t keep living this lie
It tears me up inside

If only I could tell you A million times if I had the time
To sit by your bedside
And tell you over and over
I love you, it is no lie

And the day that death
Kept us apart
I tell you, it broke my heart
I would gladly give up my life
So you could live just one more time

I embraced your lifeless body
Kissed your forehead and stroked your arm
Pleaded with you to open your eyes
Please just one more time
Please, please don’t die
Without saying goodbye

But you didn’t respond
And your body was ice cold
Nothing I said mattered anymore
You were dead and gone
Your heart had stopped beating
You and I alone in this room
All I could hear was my breathing

After so much pain and suffering
To n…