Beauty is upon me
In the glow of my skin
The flow of my hair
The child within

Beauty is all of me
The words I speak
Love I hold for you,
My heart skips a beat

Beauty is precious
In fact, it is a treasure
When you find it,
Keep it, learn to appreciate it

Beauty is all around
In the eyes of a child
In the sun that shines
Even in a smile

Beauty is to appreciate
The good and the bad
At the end of the day
All things are so rad

Beauty is in you, and in me
If only we knew
Open up the horizon
To begin anew

Beauty is, what was
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
All the tender memories
Make us feel loved, not befallen


  1. I like this poem very much, It was referred by Google search. I want to do something similar to this poem, but of course my little version of it. I'll be sure to link back :D

    Keep it up.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you liked it, and it inspired you. I loved reading your poem, nicely done!

  2. Enchanting !
    Loved the simplicity of your poem, with the elegant style and beautiful word usage.
    Beauty is in you and your poem. ;)

    1. Thank you so much Raphael, I am humbled by your words. You enligthen me with your beautiful words of praise. Once again, thank you :)


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