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My Mother

My mother is like no other First she gave me life
Then protected me from strife
In time of agony and all through life

From the first step I took
To being all grown up
I feel her care in my heart
She may not have wings
But I feel her protection through things

She is my guiding angel Always looking out for danger
And when the path is all clear
She smiles, and guides me near

Her smile is my sunshine Her hug fills me up with love
Her advice is always wise
Her loving words
My strength in this world

There is no other like my mother Always giving and compassionate
Her smile so passionate
Her gaze filled with laughter

I cannot praise her enough
I cannot hug her enough
I cannot love her enough
My time with her is not enough

My mother, my guiding angel I will never leave her side
Her love keeps me alive
May she live, a long life

In loving memory of Gordon and Norma Yeager

Their love was always alive When young and old
All throughout their lives
Until the day they died

It is no mystery so it seems Two people in love, such a dream
To love and to hold to the day of old
Their lives a true love story

So many years together Seventy two years of marriage
Seems like a lifetime
Only to die side by side

It brings tears to my eyes To know that love never dies
Between a man and a woman
Their name, Gordon and Norma

May their love Always be remembered
By all of us, any gender
Their memory still tender

RIP Gordon and Norma Yeager Couple dies an hour apart holding hands after seventy two years of marriage

Love Me Or Set Me Free

Love me
Love me or
Set me free

Free of worries
And tarnishing stories
Of wrongful demands
Followed by reprimands

I do not deserve this treatment
After all, I am only a human being
Do I not deserve your trust?
Couldn’t you hold me steadfast?

I broke down
And I wanted to shout
Love me or
Set me free
Free of worries and silent agony

Remember your angel
As if waiting for her wings
Waiting ever so patiently
While you were busy doing things

Oh! During that time so much happened
The world kept spinning faster and faster
I couldn’t hold my place
Though I tried going at a faster pace

Still your angel waited ever so patiently
Day and night for more information
Then little by little the light went out
I lost courage and started to doubt

I broke down
And I wanted to shout
Love me or
Set me free
Free of worries and silent agony

Love me
Love me or
Set me free