My Mother

My mother is like no other
First she gave me life
Then protected me from strife
In time of agony and all through life

From the first step I took
To being all grown up
I feel her care in my heart
She may not have wings
But I feel her protection through things

She is my guiding angel
Always looking out for danger
And when the path is all clear
She smiles, and guides me near

Her smile is my sunshine
Her hug fills me up with love
Her advice is always wise
Her loving words
My strength in this world

There is no other like my mother
Always giving and compassionate
Her smile so passionate
Her gaze filled with laughter

I cannot praise her enough
I cannot hug her enough
I cannot love her enough
My time with her is not enough

My mother, my guiding angel
I will never leave her side
Her love keeps me alive
May she live, a long life


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