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I am thankful for
The Moon and the Stars
The Sun and the Earth below,
The mountains and the valleys
The ocean, the lakes, the rivers,
And the streams that flow.

I am thankful for
The trees that give fruit
And the ones that do not so,
For their beauty is all year long,
Their green branches give me
Shade in a hot summer day,
Their lovely flowers and sweet
Perfume awaken my senses
In a spring afternoon,
In the fall, their leaves full
Of color remind me of the rainbow.

I am thankful for

The birds and their young,
And all the living things
Including the beasts free to roam,
For they are all part of this
Beautiful world that
That I want to love and know!

I am thankful for
The children that cry
And the children that glow,
For their mothers and their fathers,
Their aunts, uncles and grandparents,
Who love them so?
May all children of the world be loved as they grow!