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Wall Of Love

Create your wall of love Through your loved ones Instill the power of love Day upon day in them
It is an invisible wall It is an invincible wall It is the wall that carries you Through all your life’s blues
Day after day That wall will grow Into a fortress inside you That will make you glow
It will make you invincible To fight all kinds of malaise It will make you grow and love You will be the one to appreciate
When you feel lonely and sad When you have a broken heart When things get so hard That you just want to give up
Think of your wall of love Then time will be in suspense For each block in the wall Is made of love and tenderness
Each and everyone that has loved you Is that block in the wall of love And through that block of love You will find your strength
For all your loved ones Whether alive or dead Make up that wall of love Each one your inner strength
Do not cry for the dead They are in your wall of love Every day giving you strength By smiling at you from within

Star Of Light

Star of light
Star of hope Star of peace Star of love
Make this day peace on earth Love each other as we should May the children laugh and play Their worries gone away
Star of light Star of hope
Make this world a better place One of acceptance and safe Not one of fear and hate Allow us a clean slate
Star of light Star of love
Make light of dishonor Guide love and comfort Into the hearts of men So they may hope again
Let us rejoice once again Our call for hope Echo throughout the land Peace on earth for all men

Love Is Empty

I feel so lonely
I feel so cheated I feel empty inside Love is the reason
Don’t get me wrong I love so much you see I love with all my heart But love cheated on me
As it turns out He was the love of my life I thought nothing would tear us apart Until one day my world collapsed
There is a great emptiness inside me I lost to love who cheated on me I remember that day well But I thought it was only in my head
My feelings were right on the mark The man I loved didn’t deserve my trust The day I confronted him and Asked where he was that weekend
Then he told me the devastating news He was in love with someone new I broke down in tears My heart broke into a million pieces
You see, I loved with all my heart But for me love didn’t last It was borrowed only for a short while Then cheated on me and broke the trust
I still feel empty inside Why should I even try? Love isn’t faithful and it is a shame If you ever love, make sure it’s tamed