Love Is Empty

I feel so lonely
I feel so cheated
I feel empty inside
Love is the reason

Don’t get me wrong
I love so much you see
I love with all my heart
But love cheated on me

As it turns out
He was the love of my life
I thought nothing would tear us apart
Until one day my world collapsed

There is a great emptiness inside me
I lost to love who cheated on me
I remember that day well
But I thought it was only in my head

My feelings were right on the mark
The man I loved didn’t deserve my trust
The day I confronted him and
Asked where he was that weekend

Then he told me the devastating news
He was in love with someone new
I broke down in tears
My heart broke into a million pieces

You see, I loved with all my heart
But for me love didn’t last
It was borrowed only for a short while
Then cheated on me and broke the trust

I still feel empty inside
Why should I even try?
Love isn’t faithful and it is a shame
If you ever love, make sure it’s tamed


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