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A Friend in Need

Mike is his name
Known worldwide
With friends everywhere
He fights a dark stormy night

He feels so alone Yet he is loved by all
So many ups and downs
Are his life shortfalls

The day is gloomy outside No Sun shining in the horizon
He gets up to go to work
To pay the bills and keep his housing

His family loves him so That he does know
But life is so hard
Full of demands on the go

He needs power to keep going A pat in the back for the good job he’s doing
Melancholic and boring, a job needs to be done
He would rather be home photo shopping a bum

His heart is set He does not care if he gets wet
Wondering the streets on a rainy day
With camera in hand, he comes across
A very loving and wise man

That is the man that he would rather be At peace with himself and his artistry
Taking photos of a world he knows rather well

As if awoken from a dream
This man is Mike Shaw
Loving and caring, he loves all
Everyone who knows him is left in awe

Poem inspired by Mike Shaw Stay well, you a…

We Humans

We humans
Looking frail and stressed Working, playing and buying Just to keep ahead of the rest
We humans Strong but poorly designed Wanting to fit in but Always running out of time

We humans Are a powerful machine When all parts work As a strong team
We humans are no longer pure Brain washed since birth To believe in the unknown Too many worries and no mirth
We humans Need to embrace everybody
Believing in religion for hate Makes you look like a coward

We humans, since the beginning of time Created religion for survival To bring people together Not to destroy human kind
We humans believed in heaven
But it does not exist Let us stop hating each other Believe in the freedom of speech
We humans
Need to wake up Live a full and joyous life Before our time is up