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A Wise Irishman

Once upon a time there was a wise Irishman Who wrote short stories and shared them worldwide Some were fables, while others made you think straight Squid McFinnigan was his name; A bar owner, A novelist renowned
He wrote stories of present, and people’s past Keeping them alive at last Taking them everywhere he went, in his heart
As he went about his life; He promised to keep people’s memories alive Through pen and paper, while writing all night!

A Friend

His name is Matthew Kastor A poet and a Glorious friend like no other He is personal and caring Always there to remind you that you matter
When he is not at his day job or coding He is writing poetry and checking on his friends Reminding them that writing is priority Not to be short lived, so their stories will live on

I Found Sugar Man

I found Sugar Man, a music man A blast from the past He is a family man, a humble man He is an icon, his music lives to last
He may be old, but he is younger at heart With his music I am consoled I love his view of the world His songs tell a story that no other could master
He goes by Rodriguez Of Mexican heritage Born in the good USA And a music legend!

Broken Hope

Theirs was a broken hope Living day to day With dreams of traveling far and wide, come a day
Scarred by empty promising notes Just a matter of time to realize some gain The heavier the burden, the heavier the chain
Working all day, worrying all night To pay the bills, to keep the house Tattering burden, feeling lousy
Looking at their future, they had a dream A house, a car, a kid or two, maybe even a dog or a cat Next election: should they vote Republican or Democrat