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A man on earth!

Rising with fear upon hearing, Our savior is a man on earth. Every woman shall hurt and hurt. Oh! How they shall hurt!
He walks among lovers, Every woman shall want him. To father her children, To be her lover!
He is a man among men, His charm surpasses all of them. Women cry out his name, When asleep, when awake.
The pain that a woman must endure, For her savior to be a man on earth! The pain is so great, her pure heart will break. But who will save her?
No one! He will betray her! Again and again He is a lover A man among men!
If there is a heaven, it will cease to exist! He is a lover among lovers. A man among men, Charming women across the land!
He walks among lovers. He is a man among men. He is not almighty. He will betray women. Even their love for him!