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2013 - Year of Enlightenment

Imagine freedom of speech
What schools should teach
Open to new ideas, not preach

Imagine being safe everywhere No guns, no violence
No fear of being dead

Imagine world leaders who embrace Peace and safety for humankind
Regardless of origin or race

Imagine everyone is treated the same
No religion or pretensions
Working in unison is the aim
Imagine for every child Love only multiplies
At least a thousand times

Imagine no hate for others Embrace all humankind
For only love matters


Angels are not made of wings
They are made of small things
They are humble and loving
Always giving and never angry

When an angel smiles
You will smile too
Their laugh is contagious
It always gets to you
An angel will brighten your day
Help you along the way
It might take time to find one
But when you do, you will remember

Angels are not made of wings
They are made of small things


I am thankful for
The Moon and the Stars
The Sun and the Earth below,
The mountains and the valleys
The ocean, the lakes, the rivers,
And the streams that flow.

I am thankful for
The trees that give fruit
And the ones that do not so,
For their beauty is all year long,
Their green branches give me
Shade in a hot summer day,
Their lovely flowers and sweet
Perfume awaken my senses
In a spring afternoon,
In the fall, their leaves full
Of color remind me of the rainbow.

I am thankful for

The birds and their young,
And all the living things
Including the beasts free to roam,
For they are all part of this
Beautiful world that
That I want to love and know!

I am thankful for
The children that cry
And the children that glow,
For their mothers and their fathers,
Their aunts, uncles and grandparents,
Who love them so?
May all children of the world be loved as they grow!


As the wind pushes me through the air I dance around care free
I don't care if the end is near
Or the fall for me is here

In the sky above, above land up high
I change colors, I am not shy
Sunny days, cool and crisp nights
Invite me to tumble, each and every time

I am a whisper in the wind
One of many in a big tree
A speck in the forest
One of many for you to see

I have reached high into the sky Kept watch over a starry night
Gazed upon a shooting star
I was a gentle rustle in a windy night
And a lullaby to a small child

I was once a burst of joy In a sunny spring afternoon
Lived in a tree in full bloom
Rain quenched my thirst
In a hot summer afternoon

My, oh my! How time has gone by!

As you see me tumble by
On a sunny fall afternoon
Think of all the things I did
And all the things I’ve seen!

Cycle of Life

From the time you’re born Till the time you’re old
Wondering here and there
Throughout this world

A baby’s face so soft and smooth Crying out for a change and food
A baby’s smile brightens the day
A young man’s laugh at going astray

Young teenager fierce in his ways Tormenting his parents for better days
Young man gone into this world
Only to find out, it’s all too cold

Lady in waiting for a prince Only to find out, there is no such thing
Love or love not
Running fast to beat the clock

When you become old
Everywhere you go, it seems cold
You are no longer cute
Your crying needs becomes astute

As if waiting for death The body does not seem to care
Taking it one day at time
No longer in it’s prime

As the end is near
You can barely hear
Believe in love, before life is complete

I Walk Alone

The winding paths of life
Bring me to realize
I walk alone

For all the days in my life
Some good, some bad
I walk alone

Through every crevice in the hill
And the strength of my will
I walk alone

Through love or tenderness
Love fills emptiness
I walk alone

Every need or feeling
I have begged, kneeling
Yet, I walk alone

Every disaster brings sadness
The vein of emptiness hardens
I walk alone

So I ask myself
Is there peace to thyself?
Yes, there is,
Nature is my peace!
Yet, I walk alone


You might call me crazy
But I feel hazy
Such a sight, I can’t put out of my mind

Please go easy You are a tease
Going nude in an ocean bath

If you want to wow me... Love me tenderly,
I might just pass out!

Never before have I seen... A beaufitul manly thing!

From head to toe naked,
The hot sun glistens on your body
You look good, big and hard!

You might call me crazy But I feel hazy
Such a sight, I can’t put out of my mind

Please go easy You are a tease
Going nude in an ocean bath

Sail Away

Sail away Sail away
Sail away

Sail away into the mist
Sail away into the fountain of thirst

Sail away my love… Sail away

Sail away to the pinnacle of the earth Sail away to where man has never been
Sail away to the fountain of youth

Sail away my love… Sail away

Take me to the end of time Make passion burn deep inside

Oh! You told me so!
Love through me would flow,
Through every vein deep into my soul!

I want to love you till the end of time
Light up your soul
Like a rainbow in a thunderous sky

To be in your arms
When the sun shines
Through a thunderous sky
Through mud or sand
Till the very end

You are my love desperado The one and only aficionado

Sail away Sail away
Sail away

Sail away into the mist, Sail away into the fountain of thirst

Sail away my love…
Sail awaaaayy

Save Face

If you must pace
To save face
Think of this,
Your life needs a twist.

Think you are the only one with a problem?
Think again, look all around.
As of late, all you do is save face,
To keep up with the pace.

Keeping up with the pace to save face
Gives you an ego high,
Burying who you really are deep inside.

Your life is the future
Holding grudges
Makes you a looser

Come on then
Be the best you can

See, see
Feel free
All together now
You and me

All together now
Clap your hands
And aim high

See, see
Feel free
All together now
You and me

All together now
Let us aim high
Let go of the pain
Feel good deep inside.

Heaven On Earth

Under the stars
The future was bright.
The moon was full,
Of bright shining light!

With a full mast, sailing ahead The canal was deep,
It felt like heaven!

More to the left, A tad to the right
Navigating the ship,
Was pure delight!

It was like heaven on earth
The more you do,
The bigger the thirst!

Man the ship
Land Ho!

That’s because it’s heaven on earth. The more you do,
The bigger the thirst!

Man-O Man-O
Man the ship
Land Ho!

Heaven on earth! Heaven on earth! The more you do, The bigger the thirst!

American Male

American male
Get out of your jail!

You are so constrictive, Makes you so unpredicted.

As you look for answers In all the wrong places,
As if wanting to trade places.

Every day, you ask yourself Why am I so torn inside?
This is not my kind of life!

It is no wonder, Why you ponder.
Why blame everything on the other gender?

Have a heart, Do not run away from your past.

Looking only ahead,
You will only feel more despair.

No matter how much you run, No matter how much you despair.
There is no answer,
No one is there.

It is a real mystery of love and hate, All of us want to proclaim.
The problem is not me!
But we all fail the test miserably.

The answer lies in you, by trading places, Not looking for answers in new faces.
Looking only through a thin looking glass,
Refusing to let go of your troubled past.


As you sit at your desk,
In a suit, freshly pressed
Dreaming of work
That could easily get you hooked

In a man-o-sphere where men lie, Instead of doing work, of nine to five
Man up, grow some beard
Or you will be sent to stratosphere

You got your eye on the candy lady The way she acts, is a bit shady

Man up Man up

This one is not fat Slim and steadfast

Get up Get up

Take action Forget your past

Man up Man up
Get up
Get up

Are you man now? Can you come now?
Will you show her around town?

Get up
Get up

Reverse gear and run fast!

Oh Yeah!

Oh yeah!
You don’t exist anymore
Oh yeah!
Because now I am in control
Oh Yeah!
I got back my soul
Oh Yeah!
Your game is getting too old

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I got you now Where I want you to be
I got you now
Now you will stop teasing me
I got you now
I got back my soul
Your game is too old

Oh Yeah!
I’m whole again Your control with me is done
With tricks up your sleeve
Oh! And think you know me

Oh yeah?
I got you now

You don’t exist anymore
Because now I am in control
I got back my soul
Your game is too old

I got you now
Oh Yeah!

Seed of Hate

Humanity is indeed very frail To be human is to fail
To feel is to be human
The less we feel,
The less we are understood.

Humanity is being jeopardized At the seed of hate
We are compromised.

As humanity feels less and less At the seed of hate, we will never rest
In the pinnacle of pain, we feel nothing
We invoke the One’s name in despair
And in his name, curse those who were there.

In a manner that once was unforeseen We hate what cannot be seen
We call upon him for justice
Yet through the seed of hate
We behave such as beasts and bastards.

In the miracle of doom Somehow we hang on
Day after day, marching along
The seed of hate is within us
We feel it, smell it, and behave as such.

Every human being is happy and sad Feeling too much is good and bad
In the wake of horror and despair
At dooms end, we wish not to go there
But the seed of hate is within us
Flaring deep inside, we curse all others.

For humanity’s sake let us wake up
Do we not see this as a pattern?
If we are to survive,
We have to let go of the seed of…

Hands of Mine

With these hands of mine
I comforted you through the night
Loving you time after time
Wiping your tears when you cried
Caressing your soft baby skin
While singing you a lullaby

Why then do I cry? You have grown up, that is why!
You are not the little boy that used to be
Things are different now, if you only knew
I miss the days you fell asleep in my arms
All cuddled up, your tender skin against mine

With these hands of mine Gently I covered you through the night
When you were deep asleep,
Gently I would touch your face
Making sure the fever you had
Had escaped

With these hands of mine
Time after time, I would reach out
To guide you down a safety path
While you walked
Through the path of life

As a tear shed from your eye
I ask, why do you cry?
But in a deep voice you tell me
Mom, I do not cry!
I just miss the days that have gone by.


Love is fitting To only some
The need to love
Unfit to none

Love is precious We all know
Accept my love?
I cannot cope!

My heart felt loved But I not ready
With a shy smile, I run away
Scared that you, may not stay

I still hold you dear in my heart Our love, a thing of the past
To this day, I can still remember
A loving heart, the feeling tender

Forgive me, will you? That feeling, to me was new!
You did not understand,
I could feel your anger!

I only wish that you knew My love for you, only grew
If only you could accept
This loving heart at it’s best!


Beauty is upon me In the glow of my skin The flow of my hair The child within
Beauty is all of me The words I speak Love I hold for you, My heart skips a beat
Beauty is precious In fact, it is a treasure When you find it, Keep it, learn to appreciate it
Beauty is all around In the eyes of a child In the sun that shines Even in a smile
Beauty is to appreciate The good and the bad At the end of the day All things are so rad
Beauty is in you, and in me If only we knew Open up the horizon To begin anew
Beauty is, what was Yesterday, today, and tomorrow All the tender memories Make us feel loved, not befallen

Life After Death

In the midst of this agony Such deep pain and grief
I weep so hard for you
Even small steps
Are too much to handle for me

Living is hell for me
Dead would end my agony
My heart aches a thousand times
If only I could look again into your eyes

Out of sorrow I weep For the martyrdom of suffering
I can’t keep living this lie
It tears me up inside

If only I could tell you A million times if I had the time
To sit by your bedside
And tell you over and over
I love you, it is no lie

And the day that death
Kept us apart
I tell you, it broke my heart
I would gladly give up my life
So you could live just one more time

I embraced your lifeless body
Kissed your forehead and stroked your arm
Pleaded with you to open your eyes
Please just one more time
Please, please don’t die
Without saying goodbye

But you didn’t respond
And your body was ice cold
Nothing I said mattered anymore
You were dead and gone
Your heart had stopped beating
You and I alone in this room
All I could hear was my breathing

After so much pain and suffering
To n…

Loving You

Every time I think of you Happens so often if you only knew I dream of you day and night I wish I could be in your arms tonight

I imagine being in your arms Kissing your lips one more time
Feeling your hands caressing me
Surrendering to you and just be

In love with you forever more Feeling your touch all over
I imagine looking into your eyes
Feeling your lips against mine

Will there be a day that we Take our love to ecstasy?
Will there be a day we never forget
When we meet at my doorstep?

For me, every day I am with you You are in my thoughts, it’s true
I do not wish to ever leave you
Is it the same for you?

Shining Knight

Once upon a time There was a knight Strong, loving, and kind Made me feel loved inside
Everyday he would rise To fight and win every time He fought hard and fierce Every battle he fought, ended in peace

For he believed in justice Though seldom that happens He was no ordinary knight His wisdom shined through the night

His smile was bright His heart so kind His touch, firm and light His kiss imprinted forever in my mind
He was the man I fell for The love of my life forever more A man that wants his woman by his side To love and to hold, and share his life

This poem is based on a fictional loving and kind man who is yet to be found :)

In loving memory of Whitney Houston

W – Wonderful H-Hot I-Inspiring T- Talented N-Notable E-Endearing Y -Young
H - Heaven O - Oustanding U - United S- Star T- Talent O - Oscars N -Never Forgotten

A Friend in Need

Mike is his name
Known worldwide
With friends everywhere
He fights a dark stormy night

He feels so alone Yet he is loved by all
So many ups and downs
Are his life shortfalls

The day is gloomy outside No Sun shining in the horizon
He gets up to go to work
To pay the bills and keep his housing

His family loves him so That he does know
But life is so hard
Full of demands on the go

He needs power to keep going A pat in the back for the good job he’s doing
Melancholic and boring, a job needs to be done
He would rather be home photo shopping a bum

His heart is set He does not care if he gets wet
Wondering the streets on a rainy day
With camera in hand, he comes across
A very loving and wise man

That is the man that he would rather be At peace with himself and his artistry
Taking photos of a world he knows rather well

As if awoken from a dream
This man is Mike Shaw
Loving and caring, he loves all
Everyone who knows him is left in awe

Poem inspired by Mike Shaw Stay well, you a…

We Humans

We humans
Looking frail and stressed Working, playing and buying Just to keep ahead of the rest
We humans Strong but poorly designed Wanting to fit in but Always running out of time

We humans Are a powerful machine When all parts work As a strong team
We humans are no longer pure Brain washed since birth To believe in the unknown Too many worries and no mirth
We humans Need to embrace everybody
Believing in religion for hate Makes you look like a coward

We humans, since the beginning of time Created religion for survival To bring people together Not to destroy human kind
We humans believed in heaven
But it does not exist Let us stop hating each other Believe in the freedom of speech
We humans
Need to wake up Live a full and joyous life Before our time is up