Hands of Mine

With these hands of mine
I comforted you through the night
Loving you time after time
Wiping your tears when you cried
Caressing your soft baby skin
While singing you a lullaby

Why then do I cry?
You have grown up, that is why!
You are not the little boy that used to be
Things are different now, if you only knew
I miss the days you fell asleep in my arms
All cuddled up, your tender skin against mine

With these hands of mine
Gently I covered you through the night
When you were deep asleep,
Gently I would touch your face
Making sure the fever you had
Had escaped

With these hands of mine
Time after time, I would reach out
To guide you down a safety path
While you walked
Through the path of life

As a tear shed from your eye
I ask, why do you cry?
But in a deep voice you tell me
Mom, I do not cry!
I just miss the days that have gone by.


  1. Mother's Lo- er...it's in the labels. Well, so much for guessing. It captures the love from mother to child well. I suppose it is hard for parents one day to see their child grown.

  2. Hi Fayt! Thanks for stopping by and reading my posts.
    Yes, it's about a mothers's love for her child. Since the time of birth to being all grown up, a lot of love and tender loving care goes into a human being. My mother used to worry about me and still does. Now it's my turn, at being a mother. Now I really appreciate all that she did for me, because I too, know what it is like to be a mother.
    Always love your mother!


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