Love is fitting
To only some
The need to love
Unfit to none

 Love is precious
We all know
Accept my love?
I cannot cope!

My heart felt loved
But I not ready
With a shy smile, I run away
Scared that you, may not stay

I still hold you dear in my heart
Our love, a thing of the past
To this day, I can still remember
A loving heart, the feeling tender

Forgive me, will you?
That feeling, to me was new!
You did not understand,
I could feel your anger!

I only wish that you knew
My love for you, only grew
If only you could accept
This loving heart at it’s best!


  1. Miss Olsten,
    Nice to see you're still keeping up with your posts. I like this piece. Love can be wondrous and yet deadly. Gotta hate/love it, hehe.
    :) I'm back and I'll be more active than ever!

    1. Hi Fayt, it's nice to hear from you again!
      I am happy you like this poem, I think it speaks to all of us. So what have you been up to?
      Stop by at anytime, and please share any new posts you've created. Take care!


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