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Oh Yeah!

Oh yeah!
You don’t exist anymore
Oh yeah!
Because now I am in control
Oh Yeah!
I got back my soul
Oh Yeah!
Your game is getting too old

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I got you now Where I want you to be
I got you now
Now you will stop teasing me
I got you now
I got back my soul
Your game is too old

Oh Yeah!
I’m whole again Your control with me is done
With tricks up your sleeve
Oh! And think you know me

Oh yeah?
I got you now

You don’t exist anymore
Because now I am in control
I got back my soul
Your game is too old

I got you now
Oh Yeah!

Seed of Hate

Humanity is indeed very frail To be human is to fail
To feel is to be human
The less we feel,
The less we are understood.

Humanity is being jeopardized At the seed of hate
We are compromised.

As humanity feels less and less At the seed of hate, we will never rest
In the pinnacle of pain, we feel nothing
We invoke the One’s name in despair
And in his name, curse those who were there.

In a manner that once was unforeseen We hate what cannot be seen
We call upon him for justice
Yet through the seed of hate
We behave such as beasts and bastards.

In the miracle of doom Somehow we hang on
Day after day, marching along
The seed of hate is within us
We feel it, smell it, and behave as such.

Every human being is happy and sad Feeling too much is good and bad
In the wake of horror and despair
At dooms end, we wish not to go there
But the seed of hate is within us
Flaring deep inside, we curse all others.

For humanity’s sake let us wake up
Do we not see this as a pattern?
If we are to survive,
We have to let go of the seed of…

Hands of Mine

With these hands of mine
I comforted you through the night
Loving you time after time
Wiping your tears when you cried
Caressing your soft baby skin
While singing you a lullaby

Why then do I cry? You have grown up, that is why!
You are not the little boy that used to be
Things are different now, if you only knew
I miss the days you fell asleep in my arms
All cuddled up, your tender skin against mine

With these hands of mine Gently I covered you through the night
When you were deep asleep,
Gently I would touch your face
Making sure the fever you had
Had escaped

With these hands of mine
Time after time, I would reach out
To guide you down a safety path
While you walked
Through the path of life

As a tear shed from your eye
I ask, why do you cry?
But in a deep voice you tell me
Mom, I do not cry!
I just miss the days that have gone by.