As the wind pushes me through the air
I dance around care free
I don't care if the end is near
Or the fall for me is here

In the sky above, above land up high
I change colors, I am not shy
Sunny days, cool and crisp nights
Invite me to tumble, each and every time

I am a whisper in the wind
One of many in a big tree
A speck in the forest
One of many for you to see

I have reached high into the sky
Kept watch over a starry night
Gazed upon a shooting star
I was a gentle rustle in a windy night
And a lullaby to a small child

I was once a burst of joy
In a sunny spring afternoon
Lived in a tree in full bloom
Rain quenched my thirst
In a hot summer afternoon

My, oh my!
How time has gone by!

As you see me tumble by
On a sunny fall afternoon
Think of all the things I did
And all the things I’ve seen!


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