Wall Of Love

Create your wall of love
Through your loved ones
Instill the power of love
Day upon day in them

It is an invisible wall
It is an invincible wall
It is the wall that carries you
Through all your life’s blues

Day after day
That wall will grow
Into a fortress inside you
That will make you glow

It will make you invincible
To fight all kinds of malaise
It will make you grow and love
You will be the one to appreciate

When you feel lonely and sad
When you have a broken heart
When things get so hard
That you just want to give up

Think of your wall of love
Then time will be in suspense
For each block in the wall
Is made of love and tenderness

Each and everyone that has loved you
Is that block in the wall of love
And through that block of love
You will find your strength

For all your loved ones
Whether alive or dead
Make up that wall of love
Each one your inner strength

Do not cry for the dead
They are in your wall of love
Every day giving you strength
By smiling at you from within


  1. Hey! Comp status is worse lol... And I love your poem, your new additions are really great! By the way! As you know I am a graphic designer, if you need any pictures done for your poems or something of the sort let me know! Give me the details in an email and I'll show you what I can do! Keep up the poems. I stopped working on my blues and music all together :\ Been...preoccupied

  2. you write fantastic! loved reading the "Wall of Love".
    yes, very true, living or dead each loved ones are our inner strength in some way or the other.

  3. Thank you!
    I am glad you liked it :) @fantasy in practicality

  4. Thank you for the poem. I'm Jimmy Kopelia, a poet, who is in love with life and declares himself a romantic. It would an honour to publish your poem in my blog. I also would love to consider my poem, Life is too precious . Cheers and Thank you

  5. @James Wertheimer Thank you for reading my poetry. I would be honored to have my poem in your blog. Can you send me a link to your poem?
    I would love to read it!


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