In loving memory of Gordon and Norma Yeager

Their love was always alive
When young and old
All throughout their lives
Until the day they died

It is no mystery so it seems
Two people in love, such a dream
To love and to hold to the day of old
Their lives a true love story

So many years together
Seventy two years of marriage
Seems like a lifetime
Only to die side by side

It brings tears to my eyes
To know that love never dies
Between a man and a woman
Their name, Gordon and Norma

May their love
Always be remembered
By all of us, any gender
Their memory still tender

RIP Gordon and Norma Yeager
Couple dies an hour apart holding hands after seventy two years of marriage


  1. :( You have my condolences, may they rest indeed. beautiful composition.

  2. @DanielNorfleet thank you for your kind comment.
    I am not related to them in anyway, I read the article about them and was touched deeply. So I wrote this poem in their memory. I am glad you like it.


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