The Answer Lies Within

  For people that seek answers
Of the mysteries of the universe
Shall always dream and wonder

Time and time again
Looking to the outside is only a lie
For the answer is within, deep inside

Now and again we cave in for desire
To feel good and to be adored
To be respected and loved

Now and again, we fall in love
Sometimes it lasts, what a blast!
Other times we get hurt, such sadness

 It is the mystery from within
That we must conquer in life
Only then we’ll be happy, so go ahead and try!


  1. When I reread some of my blogs, I get the feeling we are kindred spirits in some respects keep up the good work and remember your pen is mightier than the sword. be well Agman.

    1. Kindred spirits, maybe :)
      It's amazing how you feel that.
      I thank you for stopping by to read my poem and commenting. I wish you a wonderful day or night wherever you are Terence.


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