Is There More

I am always running from something
Always running from lust
It will rip my heart open
For love doesn’t last

I used to believe in love
But that is a thing of the past
When my heart was broken
I swore I would never trust

Then you came into my life
I feel I am in love
I don’t know why
But I just want to run

Will our love be strong enough?
Will it hold true
Are we a match?
Are you and I in love too?

Or is it just lust
In which case it won’t last
Please hold me tight
Hold me from running fast

Make me believe
That love is real
If I give it a try
Will you stand by?

I don't know...


  1. Bene, bene. Hello, it's Fayt. You said you wrote poetry so I couldn't help myself to check. I also write, well, more lyrics now days then poetry. Back in high school I wrote lots of poetry. Call me the neighborhood emo kid...Anyhow, I read this one and it is astonishing. Very well done! It has a lot of feeling into it. I can feel the insecurity, the fear of being hurt and the confusion of what love really is if it really does exist. I did enjoy it a lot, love can be a deceptive thing. Cheers!


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