For her name was Grace

For her name was Grace
And her passion was life
For which she deeply believed
There was no afterlife

If life is a virtue
And love a sacrifice
Her life was commendable
In which she felt chastised

For love is not love
But merely a thought
A flame put out
By the rancor of lust

For that eternal flame
Was all that she hoped for
Somewhere it existed
And she knew it in her heart

From eternity to eternity
That will, that driving force
Was her heart’s desire
Not just a thought

The warm tears that she felt
Were merely an embrace
Of a life full of promises
She once contemplated

In her heart she felt a thump
Of promised love far too long gone
That forever she would remember
But time forgot

For her name was Grace
Her heart’s desire?
Was to always embrace
Life as a challenge


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