New Year - Old Year

Goodbye to the old
Welcome to the New
Another year has passed
Happy New Year to you!

So much has happened
As always, good and bad
Let’s remember the good
Forget the bad, it’s so sad

Some lost their house and job
Some died, some were born
Others barely hanged on
In this world we are torn

Gone is hope for tomorrow
Prosperity and a better job
Economists are baffled
Politicians corrupt
All of their promises gone

In the midst of all of this
Hate seems to be the new trend
So many lives taken
Wars that never end

Heroes are few and far in between
The many that risk their lives
We will never meet or have seen

They are our sons and daughters
Our brothers and sisters
Our mothers and fathers
That lost their lives
For peace and justice

As we welcome a New Year
Let us ponder
Happiness and Peace yonder!


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